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All-in-One Family Remedy Cream

Dear Human+Kind,

I went to The Cure Spa and I was delighted to see that Human+Kind is available there. I have been buying it regularly for the last few months from Milk & Honey. I wanted you to please pass along my feedback to the brand. My daughters (Sienna, who just turned 1 and Paige who is 2.5) have both had fairly bad eczema since they were born. We have been buying expensive bath oils and lotions from Mustella and have still need to use a cortisone cream probably once a week to keep it at bay. I hate using chemicals on my kids - they eat organic food and I use all natural products in our house for everything from cleaning floors to cleaning my kid, so it broke my heart to have to keep using cortisone creams.

Then I tried that Family Remedy cream. I had been using the anti-aging cream and thought I would give the FRC a try. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to my girls’ skin. I use it every night on both of them and on them again is they have been swimming during the day. It clears up the eczema in no time and it smells fabulous. I have bought tube after tube of it for friends whose kids have eczema and told them all to try it and if it doesn’t work, they can give it back to me and I’ll use it. Not one tube has been returned. lol Please pass on my thanks for this cream, it is now a staple in our household. When you’re a mom, it’s one thing to know something works, it’s another to be able to feel good about using it on your kids.

Thanks again,

Samantha McBride

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